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Simien Ranges


Day 1

Arrive Addis Ababa, city tour.

Day 2

Fly to Gondar and visit the Gonder Castles and Churches.

Day 3

Drive to SankAber. O/N camp.

Day 4

Start Trekking from Sankaber to Geech.

Day 5
Geech, mount Imetgogo & Kedadit O/N Geech.

Day 6

From Geech to Chenek.

Day 7
From Chenek-Hambiquo.

Day 8
Climb Ras Dashen (4620 mts) back to Ambico.

Day 9
From Ambico -Arko Azeye.

Day 10
From ArkoAzeye-Lamo (Mekarebya).


Day 11

From Lamo-Hawaza.

Day 12

From Hawaza- Arkay meet the vehicles and drive to Axum.

Day 13

Tour of Axum and the Axum stela, Queen Sheba Palace and Tsion Mariam of the Mosses Arc of the covenant church

Day 14

Fly to Lalibela . Visit round st. Lalibela rock hewn churches

Day 15

Lalibela to Asheten Maryam

Day 16

Fly from Lalibela  to Addis Ababa shopping and dinner at traditional restaurant Dispatcher